Almost A Decade...

That's how long I've been doing this now.

That's nearly ten Cliff Richard calendars-worth of great ideas and charismatic copy. And what have I got to show for it? Oh, you know, just a fantastic list of interesting clients, a varied, eye-catching portfolio, experience across a vast range of sectors and some pleasantly ego-massaging testimonials... *Irish jig emoji*


"I am constantly being asked to get James back in again..."


James is a key member of the TOAD team — always producing perfect copy and great with clients. His character puts clients at ease and he can always capture the important info that leads to brilliant copy. We love working with him and he is a real asset to any company..
— Henry Waterfall Allen, Director, TOAD London

James has helped us out on a number projects here at Frame, all of which were expertly handled and beautifully written. Importantly James fitted right into the agency, as if he had always been with us. So much so that I am constantly being asked to get James back in again. Charming, talented, and a great writer to boot. We at Frame can’t recommend James highly enough.
— James Pais, Creative Services Director, Frame Glasgow

James is full of positive energy and fits so well into any team. The breadth of his talent reaches far; pitching, creative thinking, content writing, story telling. He’s a fast thinker with a high work rate, and can take an idea and turn it into something that works in no time at all.
— Kirsty Brooks, Director, Asaro

James pitched and wrote a range of articles for publication on Beach Tomato - all of which were creative and interesting. He was able to capture the tone of the blog first time, and his posts proved very popular with our readership. Thoroughly recommend if looking for a talented copywriter with unique ideas.
— Hannah Underwood, Account Director, Studio Black Tomato